Water Softener Installation

Located in Chandlers Ford, we cover all of South Hampshire, from the New Forest to Southampton, Portsmouth and into West Sussex.

ReactFast Plumbing Ltd provide a free of charge home survey, water sample hardness check, quote and as well , advice to help you pick the the most appropriate water filters solution for your requirements. We also install and supply all leading brands of water softeners as well as , filtered drinking water solutions, including Dualflo, BWT etc. We provide a block and tablet salt delivery service direct to your door.

We present you all the details you require, answer any queries you might have, and after that the decision is yours to make. We assure you there will be no hard sell!

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ReactFast Plumbing offer Water Softeners and Water Softener fitting. The softened water systems that we use are designed to be efficient and easy for you. They use less water supply and salt than others on the market. They do not need maintenance or servicing. All they need is fresh salt every so often which we also supply.

The softener is small enough to fit under a kitchen sink but still able to cope with almost every household in the country. It will not only save you money, but also completely eliminate limescale and soap scum by giving you soft water to the whole of the house.

How do Water Softener InstallationWater Softeners Work?

Basically, a water filter is made to remove limescale and scum from your hard water. They can treat the whole house, so are installed onto the main water feed.

Water softening happens by a process called ion exchange, using a resin. The resin is made up of polymeric beads which are formulated so that they can be charged with certain ions. Calcium and magnesium, the main cause of limescale and soap scum, are ions and as the water passes through the resin, the calcium and magnesium ions change places with the sodium ions in the resin.   Sodium salts, unlike calcium & magnesium, are highly soluble in water so sodium does not cause limescale or soap scum. When all of the sodium ions have been exchanged for calcium or magnesium, the resin must be recharged with sodium ions. This is done by flushing the resin with salt solution (brine).

Water Softener Unit Installation

Each of our workers provide a comprehensive service which conforms to WRAS guidelines with respect to the installing of water softeners.

The installing of a water softener isn’t complicated, but since it is plumbed into the mains drinking water there are numerous regulations that need to be considered.

For quite some time there seemed to be significant misunderstandings regarding the meaning of the regulations , in particular regarding the potability of soft water as well as the supply of separate drinking water faucets.

Each of our own certified plumbing engineers provide an entire installation service of our softeners based on these specifications. For more information, get in touch.



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