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Bathroom Planners SouthamptonWhilst planning your bathroom it can be easy to forget those little practical details. Think about the kind of look you want to achieve but also the space you are buying it for; a family group bathroom will have different needs to a downstairs cloakroom.

A suite idea

Whether you want an oasis of calm, a bright and refreshing retreat, or a multi-functional room that provides a water park for the youngsters and a sanctury for you, the trick is in the planning. Measure, measure and measure again. Not the most thrilling part but it is essential.

Think about how to utilise your bathrooms space – with our abundance of suites you’re spoilt for choice! Scroll through the selection above or get motivated by our full range.

Take to the floor

How you cover your bathroom floor really matters – especially if your kids and their splashing is seldom confined to the tub. The best solutions for bathroom floors are floor and wall tiles or vinyl fabric floor tiles. Wall to floor in large format tiles really makes your bathrooms bigger and brighter. Well laid and properly sealed means that it doesn’t matter how much splashing about you are doing, your floor will remain put.

Top tip… if you go for a basic floor tile then why not add a little colour to your wall structure tiles? Patterns or areas really break up the room and put in a little contrast.

Clean up your clutter

Heart set on a roll-top bath? Great, just don’t neglect how important bathroom storage space is. A clutter of rubber ducks, cosmetics and towels barely makes for a feeling of retreat. So make sure your bathroom has a lot of concealed storage. Vanity devices are a helpful way of neatly tucking away everything you don’t want on show.

Wakey, wakey

Whether you have space for a shower cubicle and a bath, a shower within the shower or purely a shower on its own, make sure you have the right shower head. Try one with some fun settings- Are you a rain, burst, cloud or storm kind of person? Why not find out?

Consider some revitalising, refreshing features for your bathroom such as a whirlpool bath. A perfect way to energise you each day, and chill you out in the evening. Lovely bubbly!
Bathrooms don’t have to be the traditional 3 piece suite though. Adding a moist room solution to your home can be practical and stylish. Don’t forget your extractor enthusiast to maintain your room steam-free.

A little extra

To add the finishing touches to your bathrooms, remember the little extras. Bathroom accessories such as baskets for your soaps, illuminated mirrors to apply makeup with ease, non-slip mats and a heated towel rail, replacing the need for a radiator and adding the snuggle factor on chilly mornings.

Take all of these points in to account when planning your bathroom for the ultimate practical yet stylish retreat. Nothing a nice, hot shower can’t fix, eh?

Ask our expert Bathroom Planners in Southampton

For some expert advice in creating your dream bathroom, use our free Bathroom Planners in Southampton. Our consultants can suggest on installation and fund along with helping choosing a bathroom which matches your home and lifestyle.

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